7.6.2017:Ospite d´onore di Maurizio Gronchi

On Wednesday the 7th of June Maurizio Gronchi, who is Professor for Christology at the Pontificia Università Urbaniana in Rome and a close adviser of Pope Francis, held two guest lectures at the department of Fundamental Theology. The first lecture was on the topic “About the Inculturation of Christian Faith towards Interculturality“. Here the concept of interculturality, which assumes an interaction between Christianity and a culture increasingly influenced by Christianity, is prefered to that of inculturation, where Christianity is integrated into a different, supposedly neutral cultural sphere, because the first implicates the possibility of a further development of Christianity. The second lecture “The Time of Salvation. Notes for Christology of Vulnerability“ treated the question of today's possible meaning of Salvation. It was important to Gronchi that vulnerability connects and concerns man as well as God. In further consequence he differentiated himself from two forms of self-salvation, Neognosticism and Neopelagianism, since they both stay trapped in some kind of anthropological immanentism. Both lectures tried to develop answers to theological questions that correspond to issues of today's times.