Escursione nella Kunsthistorische Museum

An excursion to the Kunsthistorisches Museum took place on March 3rd, 2017, within the context of the seminar “Theology and Esthetics”. The participants chose paintings beforehand that they then interpreted – alone or as a pair – with the considerations of the seminar in mind. During our visit they presented their interpretations to the seminar group. This way, the visit, which was oriented according to the contingent choice of the paintings, unfolded in a very special way, since it was not planned by a superordinate authority or organized by a central instance.

This way, a new connection which is not (entirely) predetermined by their order in the museum can arise between the paintings. New aspects, connections and references can appear. A weak narrative thread that cannot be reproduced now runs through the museum and creates a new narrative that develops in the course of the shared contemplation of the paintings.