Series Religion and Transformation

Ever since 2012 the series "Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society" is published by Vienna University Press at Vandenhoek & Ruprecht university press (V&R unipress) and edited by the members of the platform Kurt Appel, Christian Danz, Isabella Guanzini (now instead of Angelika Walser) Richard Potz and Sieglinde Rosenberger.

The issues of this series are peer-reviewed.

The series (Verlagsgruppe Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht)

Unterwegs zu einer neuen "Zivilisation geteilter Genügsamkeit"

Sebastian Pittl/Gunter Prüller-Jagenteufel (Hg.)

Vienna University Press, Göttingen 2016, RaT Band 11

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the assassination of the Spanish theologian and human rights defender Ignacio Ellacuría, the articles included in this volume explore perspectives of utopian thinking today. Ellacuría's vision of a global »civilization of shared frugality« serves as starting point for an interdisciplinary attempt to identify still existing potentials of »the utopian« in order to question the latent fatalism of the current global »civilization of indifference« (Pope Francis). A critical relecture of utopian thinking aims at replacing the proclaimed »end of utopia«, whereby the attempt to give the victims of the current civilization a possible future, serves as basic inspiration.

Europa mit oder ohne Religion? II Der Beitrag der Religion zum gegenwärtigen und künftigen Europa

Kurt Appel/Isabella Guanzini (Hg.)

Vienna University Press, Göttingen 2016, RaT Band 10

How could past and present religious narratives  accompany and promote constructevely a pluralistic European Project? How has the European spiritual heritage to be assumed and traslated, in order to contribute to the development of the present (post)secular Europe and its identities? How does the phenomenon of exil and of migration influence and transform the present religious landscape and strengthen the question of the rights of religious minorities? Which institutional challanges do religions and their pluralisation pose to a post-secular Europe? Contributions from different scientific approaches - from Religious and Political Sciences, Philosophy and Law, to Theology, Islamic and Jewish Studies - aim to deal with these questions, investigating the mutual influences between religious symbolic systems and political transformation processes in the present Europe.

Religion im Wandel. Transformation religiöser Gemeinschaften in Europa durch Migration - interdisziplinäre Perspektiven

Regina Polak/Wolfram Reiss (Hg.)

Vienna University Press, Göttingen 2014, RaT Band 9

This anthology addresses a phenomenon from the viewpoint of selected disciplines (science of religion, sociology, political sciences, theology, Catholic and Islamic religious education), and representatives together with experts of the monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) that changes the European societies permanently: international Migration and their effects on the socio-religious processes of transformation in religious communities. Theoretical approaches and practical empiric reports provide an representative inside into the contemporary research.

Europa mit oder ohne Religion. Der Beitrag der Religion zum gegenwärtigen und künftigen Europa

Kurt Appel/Isabella Guanzini/Angelika Walser (Hg.)

Vienna University Press, Göttingen 2014, RaT Band 8

The volume assembles papers previewsly presented at the international conference “Rethinking Europe with(out) Religion”, which the Research Platform “Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society” of the University of Vienna organized in February 2013, at the end of its three-year term. Scholars from the field of social sciences, law, sociology of religion, philosophy and of theology investigate the role that religious transformations play within the growing complexity of the global context. The volume focuses on the social weight of religion on the cultural and political dynamics in our present (post)secular society and, vice versa, analyzes the social and political changes that influence religions and theological self-reflections. The contributions examine the visions and perspectives the different religions can introduce in a pluralistic European Project, investigating the role of religions with regard to the advancement or the regression of democracy within an inclusive differentiated society.

Religion in der Moderne. Philosophische Erkundungen

Hans Schelkshorn/Friedrich Wolfram/Rudolf Langthaler (Hg.)

Vienna University Press, Göttingen 2014, RaT Band 7

The current process of globalization holds enormous challenges for religious traditions all over the world. The intensification of global communication through the new information technologies enhances mutual questioning of religious doctrines. Migration movements and transcultural processes created also in Europe new multi-religious constellations. Thus in all regions of global modernity the societal cohesion is threatened by conflicts between fundamentalist religious movements and various secular groups with religious, agnostic or atheistic orientations. At this background the European philosophy of religion has to transcend the narrow horizons of the western modernity without abandoning its achievements. This diagnosis of the current world situation determines the main parts of this volume. The first section deals with systematic approaches for an intercultural reorientation of the European philosophy of religion. The following sections contain distinguished studies of European philosophies of religion from Neoplatonism to Nietzsche and approaches of the 20th century (Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Albert Camus, Michel Henry). The last section is devoted to detailed interreligious studies, concretely about the thought of Ibn Rushd ( Averroes), of the modern Hindu thinker Sri Aurobindo  and the “atheistic” dimension of Buddhism.

Religion in der Moderne. Religionsphilosophische Beiträge zu einer aktuellen Debatte

Rudolf Langthaler/Christopher Meiller/Kurt Appel (Hg.)

Vienna University Press, Göttingen 2013, RaT Band 6

The articles in this small volume endeavor, in different approaches and emphases, to determine the value and the location of the topic of »religion« in a secular age against the backdrop of contemporary debates in philosophy of religion. 

Menschwerdung und Schwächung. Annäherung an ein Gespräch mit Gianni Vattimo

Jakob Deibl

Vienna University Press, Göttingen 2013, RaT Band 5

Gianni Vattimo is one of the most influential representatives of postmodern philosophy and source of the concept of “weak thought”. For him a marked interest in the topic of religion came into being after the end of communism and the eclipse of the Continental philosophical tradition of the “grand narratives”. In the present volume Jakob Deibl delineates the development of Vattimo’s approach to religion. The crucial point for Vattimo is Saint Paul’s interpretation of the incarnation of the logos as kenosis. In a paradoxical way this idea enables him to retrieve an approach to the philosophy of history beyond traditional totalising narratives: Vattimo argues for the subversive continuity of weakening structures (which were formerly strong), that process going back to the concept of kenosis. In doing so, he tries to face the triple challenge presented by apocalyptic scenarios, fundamentalism and nihilism: the first negating any vision of future, the second seeking refuge in positions immune from rational discussion and the third dissolving any common perspective of human being.  

Constructs of Meaning and Religious Transformation. Current Issues in the Psychology of Religion

Herman Westerink (ed.)

Vienna University Press, Göttingen 2013, RaT Band 4

One of the major trends in the psychology of religion is the growing interest in religious and spiritual meaning making in relation to religious and spiritual transformation processes, notably as the aftermath of traumatic experiences and in situations of crisis, stress or disease when personal well-being is at stake and coping activities and skills are enhanced. This volume covers this broad and complex area of interrelated issues. The contributions focus on religious and spiritual meaning making and transformation. They do not compose an integrated perspective on religious meaning making and transformation processes. Rather, this volume assembles and presents the current state of research on this complex of issues. Thus it not only provides an excellent overview of the psychological study of constructs of meaning and religious transformation, but also contributes to our knowledge of contemporary religious life in the context of socio-cultural transformation processes (pluralisation, globalization).

Religion und Gemeinschaft. Die Frage der Integration aus christlicher und muslimischer Perspektive

Martin Rothgangel/Ednan Aslan/Martin Jäggle (Hg.)

Vienna University Press, Göttingen 2012, RaT Band 3

What significance do religions have for migratory and societal transformation processes? Much attention is often paid to the conflict potential of religions, although they often also hold potential for peace. The topic of this volume is integration from Christian and Muslim perspective. The contributions by Christian and Muslim authors focus on five main areas: fundamental perspectives, Islam in the context of migration, detailed theological and religious legal aspects, the challenge of interreligious learning; specific contexts: the city, Caritas and the Church. As regards content, the volume is rich with a variety of perspectives: scholars, representatives of the Church and Caritas as well as administrators contribute to the topic each from their own point of view. Besides essential theoretical clarifications, this richness of perspectives leads to a differentiated perception of the practical challenges – both are indispensable if progress is to be made in this field.

Religion übersetzen. Übersetzung und Textrezeption als Transformationsphänomene von Religion

Marianne Grohmann/Ursula Ragacs (Hg.)

Vienna University Press, Göttingen 2012, RaT Band 2

The history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam has always been attended by an underlying tension between Hebrew, Greek and Arabic “original texts” and their translations. Out of this tension between canonized texts and changing interpretations, a transformation has taken place that is typical of many religions. Religious texts are transformed through translation and through their reception in different contexts. Their interpretations are shaped by the respective contemporary contexts and at the same time contribute to processes of societal change. The contributions to this volume address the hermeneutical task of forging links between the present day on the one hand and antique bible texts, different stages in the history of their reception and interpretations of the Koran on the other. They present exemplary analyses of texts from the perspectives of the Old and New Testament, patristics, Judaism, Islamic studies, systematic theology and translation science.

Religion in Europa heute. Sozialwissenschaftliche, rechtswissenschaftliche und hermeneutisch religionsphilosophische Perspektiven

Kurt Appel/Christian Danz/Richard Potz/Sieglinde Rosenberger/Angelika Walser (Hg.)

Vienna University Press, Göttingen 2012, RaT Band 1

Überraschend lebendig erweist sich Religion in den heutigen säkularisierten Gesellschaften Europas vielen Vorhersagen zum Trotz. Sie stellt damit eine Herausforderung für die unterschiedlichen geisteswissenschaftlichen Disziplinen dar. In elf Beiträgen untersuchen AutorInnen aus Philosophie, Theologie, Soziologie, Politik-, Rechts- und Kulturwissenschaft bzw. Judaistik und Islamwissenschaft die Wechselwirkungen zwischen Religion(en) und Transformationsprozessen in europäischen Gesellschaften und ihre Konsequenzen auf sozialer und individueller Ebene. Die Beiträge des Bandes widmen sich fünf Schwerpunkten: (1) Religionskritik und Gottesfrage; (2) Religion in Inklusions- und Exklusionsprozessen; (3) Rechtliche Herausforderungen in den multireligiösen Gesellschaften Europas; (4) Religiöse Sinn- und Wertkonstruktionen und (5) Rezeption und Hermeneutik religiöser Texte.