Publications of Kurt Appel in English



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    • About the possibility that Pope Francis Really Exists, in: Forum: Do the Media Make the Magisterium, Louvain Studies 40, 197-200 (peer reviewed)


    • The Essence of Europe Consists in Pointing Beyond Itself, in: International Journal of Philosophy and Theology (RJPT), Manuscript ID: RJPT-2016-0006.R2; DOJ: 10.1080/21692327.2016.1180633. (accepted 17.04.2016) (peer reviewed)



    • Endorsement: Carl Raschke, Postmodern Theology. A Biopic, Cascade Books, Eugene, Oregon 2017
    • Endorsement: Stephan van Erp a. o. (Ed.), Salvation in the World. The Crossroads of Public Theology (T & T Clark Studies in Edward Schillebeeckx 2), T & T Clark Studies 2017

    Evaluation - Dissertations


    • Ibeanu, Joseph Chiudi: The Mission of the Church in a Continent Torn Apart by Wars, Conflicts, Violence and Opression – Towards an African Political Theology of Reconciliation Based on Nigerian Experience


    • Okafor, Ikenna: „Ọ nụrụ ube nwanne agbala ọsọ“. A theology of fraternal solidarity: an Igbo perspective to liberation theology

    Other matters

    • Head of the Application Review Team for The Research Council of Norway: Tarald Rasmussen: Center for the Study of Northern Secularity and Religion (213404)