November 16th-17th: Conference "Religious Experience, Secular Reason and Politics around 1900" (Original title: "Religiöse Erfahrung, säkulare Vernunft und Politik um 1900")

Between 1870 and 1930, different regions of the world experienced religious awakenings that engaged with secular reason in two forms, namely Historicism and Positivism (or Evolutionism).  Around 1900, a broad spectrum of theological and philosophical approaches to religious experience and mysticism emerged, which was closely connected to ideological and political struggles. The conference exemplarily investigates selected paradigmatic approaches to religious experience, secular reason and politics.

The conference was coordinated by Hans Schelkshorn and Herman Westerink and hosted by the research platform RaT, the Institute for Christian Philosophy of the University of Vienna and the Titus-Brandsma-Institute/Nijmwegen.