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TGF-News 12

"Resurrezione per postmoderni" - Interview mit Prof. Kurt Appel in "Il Foglio"


8. Mai 2018

Zum Interview

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Tempo e Dio. Aperture contemporanee a partire da Hegel e Schelling


Fehl und Wiederkehr der heiligen Namen

von Jakob Helmut Deibl

Sehr gut

von Wolfgang Treitler

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Reformation(en) und Moderne

Reformation(s) and Modernity

Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society - Band 12

The contemporary historical research situates Luther’s Reformation in a much larger context of Christian reform movements that emerge in the late medieval and early modern period. Against this background the enlightened view of Luther as protagonist of the modern era is in need of revision. The variety of reform movements together with the Renaissance humanism compose a rich reservoir of spiritual reforms that will all influence the further development of the modern era. In this volume, this complex of the variety of Christian reforms relative to modernity is elaborated through exemplary studies from a philosophical-theological perspective